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Full-Service Administrator

Full Service

Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. (PTC) is a FULL-SERVICE administrator of federally mandated alcohol and drug testing programs. In addition, we administrate company and even customer policy requirements. Full-Service means we handle ALL aspects of drug & alcohol program compliance. We take care of the tedious, but necessary, tasks that your substance abuse program requires.

We are with you every step of the way. We even provide you with your own account executive who is trained in every aspect of DOT and corporate substance abuse program requirements. So no matter what situation you face regarding your program, auditors, employees, training, we are here to assist you.

Many of the services we provide you are "behind the scenes". Check out the information below to get an idea of our service to your organization.

  • Anti-Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan Provided. PTC’s plans meet all of the current federal regulations (updates are provided as necessary due to regulatory changes). Both state and federal agencies have audited these plans regularly. If needed, PTC also provides a client required policy that meets the requirements for specific pipeline operators. A NON-DOT plan template from PTC is available for use as well.
  • Designated Account Executive to assist with daily administration of alcohol and drug testing program. Includes assistance and communication with corporate office and/or field locations as designated by the client. PTC Account Executive also provides expertise and experience (average 10 years) in meeting the compliance requirements of the DOT regulations or assisting with state law requirements.
  • Comprehensive Website "PTC Online". Features include:
    • Receive and view alcohol and drug test results.
    • Search employee testing history.
    • View current random pool list.
    • View client-required pool list.
    • Remove/edit employees from the pool.
    • Printable DOT Plans and Acknowledgement Forms.
    • View and manage random selection listing per quarter.
    • Track background/history checks.
    • Supervisor training module and materials.
    • Downloadable forms and information.
    • Edit company information.
    • Link to on-line bill payment.
    • Track testing kit shipments, and more…
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Kits. PTC furnishes all relevant supplies, chain-of-custody forms and overnight air bills. Each testing kit is an individual box or envelope with all of the supplies and forms to perform the alcohol or drug test. Instructions for collection and billing are included in each testing kit.
  • Alcohol and Drug Collection Fee (alcohol includes initial & confirmation breath testing). This includes certified drug collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians. There is a maximum allowed fee based on price per test.
  • Certified Laboratory Services Provided through Clinical Reference Laboratory, Lenexa, KS for all DOT and NON-DOT testing. PTC also conducts an annual review and inspection of the laboratory.
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services Provided through American Medical Review Officers, LLC, Hutchinson, KS. The MRO oversees the drug testing results to ensure validity of the results and to make sure that the employee’s rights and confidentiality are preserved.
  • Process/report All Test Results and Electronically Store Each Test Result Includes: pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable cause, return-to-duty, follow-up, and annual (if required).
  • Special Packaging of Post-Accident Kits PTC shrink wraps post-accident kits so they can be stored in company vehicles. Each kit contains an after-hours contact number to assist with coordinating testing.
  • Regular Ground Shipping costs for kits as well as employee and supervisor education and training materials.
  • Coordination of Multiple Alcohol and Drug Testing Collection Sites Across the U.S PTC approved sites can be found online at access.pipelinetesting.com
  • Clearinghouse Duties These fees are paid for by Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. and are included in the drug and alcohol price charged by PTC:
    • Urine collection and breath alcohol testing fee charged by collection site. PTC will pay up to a pre-determined maximum collection fee per test. Other charges may apply for after-hour, on-site, or non-standard rate testing.
    • Initial and confirmation laboratory testing.
    • Medical Review Officer services.
    • FedEx overnight shipping fees for urine specimens shipped to Clinical Reference Lab.
  • Assistance With Compliance Audits PTC provides test records, statistical data reports and any other items requested by the auditor/inspector.
  • Statistical Data Reporting (to clients and companies) Also included is the annual Management Information System (MIS) submission to DOT. Statistical reporting is accommodated quarterly, semi-annually or annually per client need.
  • Data Provider of Program Information PTC provides program information to various pipeline auditing agencies on a daily, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. This information can include: testing records, supervisor training, history checks, statistical information, plans, and more. PTC may pay for the website login fee for National Compliance Management Services, Inc. (NCMS) on behalf of their clients*. Program information can also be sent directly to pipeline operators upon request.
  • Department of Transportation Background/History Check and Safety Performance Checks This service covers the background check or safety performance check on new applicants in a DOT position. Employers hiring any applicant for a DOT position are required to obtain information about any alcohol and/or drug misuse from the applicant’s previous employers for the previous two years (three years if applicant is a CDL driver).
  • Testing Schedule (random, return to duty and follow-ups). PTC coordinates the random testing and uses a computerized random number generator. This procedure provides for utmost objectivity and fairness to employees.
  • Manage Client Random Testing Pool(s) Daily entry of employee information, name changes, proper pool selection, addition or deletion of employees.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Supervisor Material PTC provides informational material for employees and supervisors. Two Supervisor Training handbooks, two hot-line posters, and up to fifty employee guides/brochures are available annually. All materials are also available electronically and are included in the per year per employee fee. They can be downloaded at any time from the PTC website. The employee guides are available in English or Spanish.
  • Online Supervisor Training Module Each client is issued a username and password to our supervisor training program displayed on our website (access.pipelinetesting.com). This program is available any time of day and meets the Department of Transportation’s requirements for an hour of drug and an hour of alcohol training for supervisors to recognize the signs and symptoms of controlled substance use and alcohol misuse. Supervisors can receive documentation of training.
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services PTC will assist with this process and also coordinate the follow-up schedule established by the SAP.
  • Recordkeeping PTC provides all recordkeeping which includes maintaining files in accordance with all DOT mode recordkeeping requirements, as well as company policy requirements. All files are secure and confidential and kept electronically.
  • Quality Control Management PTC provides blind proficiency specimens to the lab as required by federal regulations.
  • Compliance Education PTC provides Designated Employee Representative (DER) training information, hosts a bi-annual client seminar, and has a former DOT official on staff to assist with compliance needs.

Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. charges an annual fee for services, charge per drug and alcohol test, history check report, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) fee. If you would like a breakdown of the costs associated with our services, including our enrollment information, please contact Jeff Martens at 800-294-8758 ext. 405 or Justin Unruh at 800-294-8758 ext. 431.

*Additional fees payable to NCMS may apply to companies classified as “sub-contractors” by NCMS. Call PTC for details.